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There is just something about a baby that makes us go crazy. Baby dwarf hamsters are no different. These teeny tiny guys are very delicate and a lot of care needs to be given to them. Of course there mom needs the right care too but we just want to talk about the babies here.

How Many?

There is a lot to know about baby dwarf hamsters and your education should begin with how long the mom’s pregnancy lasts. Amazingly, the mom is pregnant for about only 18 to 20 days! The number of babies, or litter, she will have can vary from 1 to 10 with the average being about 5 babies. By the way, the babies are called pups.

Once the babies, I mean pups, have been born you don’t want to touch them or bother them or their mom for about a week and a half. No matter what, you need to leave them alone. The only thing that you should do is make sure that the mom has clean water and fresh food every day and to clean the cage.


At about 10 days, exciting things begin to happen. The pups begin to start opening their eyes and start moving around. During this time, the mom is still very protective and watchful over her babies. You can begin to handle the babies but very extremely careful as their bodies are fragile because their bodies are still changing. While holding baby dwarf hamsters, use two hands so that there won’t be any chance of an excited pup jumping out of your hands and getting hurt.

Food and Water

Around two weeks old, baby dwarf hamsters will begin to start eating solid foods but will still want to have mom’s milk. You don’t want to give too much to the pups at one time or too many different kinds of foods. Some foods that you can start with are certain grains (the smaller the better) and vegetables like oatmeal and slices of cucumbers. Around this time, the pups will also discover the water bottle and begin using that to quench their thirst.

At this point in time, watching the development of the pups is very exciting. This is a great time for teaching any younger family members about life and responsibility. To watch the moms belly getting bigger, watch the babies being born (if the time is caught) to watching the pups try to move around their home are very exciting times.

Life Moves On

When the pups are about four weeks old, they will probably be weaned completely from their mom and ready to move on. At this time, if the adult male has been left with the adult female the female could be pregnant again even though she’s finishing nursing her prior litter. If she is, the pups need to be moved as this will give them and mom with her new litter the space everyone needs. This is also the time that the pups can be offered for adoption to others who love dwarf hamsters too.

Whether you meant for your hamster to have babies or not, caring for the mom and the pups is a very important job. Extra care is required and the need for clean living quarters, fresh food and water is a must. There is so much to know about baby dwarf hamsters and you can learn about it in the downloadable e-book available on this website.

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