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Where do you Buy Hamsters…Where?

Where do you buy hamsters? Hamsters are typically purchased at one’s local pet store; however there are a number of other places where hamster’s can be obtained. You can look in the advertisement section of your local newspaper, a local hamster breeder or even local animal control or pet help groups. There are advantages and disadvantages to each place but the final decision is completely up to you.


The first option and probably the best place to buy hamsters is from breeders. People who truly love a particular animal tend to become breeders. They know exactly what the needs and requirements of hamsters are and are able to give what is needed. These people may even be certified in their breeding and show their hamsters at shows. In addition, they can sometimes show the lineage of a hamster and prove that it is healthy.

On the flip side, they may have become breeders because their own hamsters continued to have litters or they were helping another breeder who no longer wanted to be a breeder so they took over. The care that they hamsters receive may not be up to par and their needs may not be fully met each day. You can tell what type a person the breeder is by the environment that the animals live in. If it is clean and the animals all appear healthy and have what they need, then more than likely the hamsters are healthy and taken care of; if the environment doesn’t look so great, you may want to choose to look elsewhere to buy hamsters.

Adoption Centers

Adoption centers can include animal control, the humane society, rescue societies or other animal shelters that may be in your area. If you decide to buy hamsters from one of these sources, you need to ask a lot of questions about the hamster before taking it home. For the safety of your family and others, you should know as much about where the hamster came from. You should know if it was injured, if it has any health problems and if it has any other mental or physical issues. Not always are the hamsters that are found in these centers a banded or abused; sometimes hamster owners are no longer able to properly care for their beloved pets. “Saving” an animal from one of these centers can be an awarding experience.

The Local Pet Shop

Probably the most popular place to buy hamsters is at the local pet shop. Just like checking out the breeder or the adoption center, you need to check out the pet shop. Just because they have cute hamster’s, doesn’t mean that they hamsters are healthy. The environment that the hamsters are living in should be clean and there should be fresh food and water. The little guys should look healthy; their eyes should be dark (typically) and their fur should look clean and full.

This is not to detour you away from buying but to inform and educate you to ensure that you are buying a healthy animal. This is for the safety of you and your family as well as for the well being of the hamster. Hamsters are fun to have and provide a lot of enjoyment and that’s the intention of this article and this site.

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