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Chinese Dwarf Hamsters

Hamsters are cute and friendly creatures that are a popular pet. Chinese dwarf hamsters are an even more treasured pet because these particular hamsters are quite rare. Originating in the northern deserts of China and Mongolia, these tiny creatures do not breed well in captivity and in some places, they are not allowed.


Chinese dwarf hamsters actually look like mice rather than hamsters. In addition, although they are called dwarfs, technically they are not. They can grow to about 10 – 12 centimeters in length and their tail is very similar to that of a mouse. Its coloring is usually a grayish brown and there is a black stripe down the length of its spine with a white underbelly. Because breeding isn’t always successful in captivity, there are only two other color combinations that have evolved at this time.


Space is a luxury that most of us love and so do animals. Hamsters are sociable creatures and like to be around others. However, the Chinese dwarf hamsters prefer to have their own space. If you are not sure how many you want, it is best to get multiples when they are young so that they will be used to having others around as they grow up. Females dominate the species and can harm a male if an unfortunate situation arises.


Choosing to have Chinese dwarf hamsters for pets is an exciting thought and with their slight difference in behaviors, taking extra care in providing a good home is a must. For multiple hamsters, choose a larger cage than normal. This will allow ample space for the less dominate hamsters to hide if they need to. Large aquarium tanks are perfect homes since the dwarf hamsters can squeeze through very small spaces and if they get stuck in a wire cage, they could possibly be injured.


When creating their home, it is also a good idea to create different levels and/or a variety of obstacles to keep the hamsters busy as they are full of energy. Ramps, stairs, small wheels and boxes to hide and nest in are great options to include in their home. Just remember to keep the home safe as their small frame is delicate and you don’t want to lose your precious and rare pet.


Food and water requirements are very similar to that of other variety of hamsters. Hamsters love seeds and specifically formulated pellets which can be purchased at your local pet store. Dwarf hamsters also love fruit and vegetables such as bananas and carrots. Due to their natural habitat, you could also offer crickets or mealworms. When offering other types of food, give one small piece at a time. Allow several days in between offerings to ensure that the hamster likes the food and there are no allergy reactions to it.


As mentioned earlier, Chinese dwarf hamsters are relatively rare. Since these cute little guys may not be available everywhere, it is important to keep in mind that they do require special attention. They are very excitable and can be skittish to aggressive. They can jump very high and are excellent escape artists. These unique dwarf hamsters are recommended for more experienced hamster owners.

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