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Dwarf Hamster Care

Hamsters are cute, fun and make great pets. There are a variety of hamsters to choose from, however, if space is a premium then perhaps a dwarf hamster may be the pet for you. These cute little guys are very quick, sometimes skittish and more delicate to handle than the larger versions. What else would you like to know?

Since a dwarf hamster is much smaller than its full-sized version, it is able to squeeze into smaller spaces so the home you choose for them must be secure but still allow sufficient amount of ventilation. If your pet store doesn’t carry cages for dwarf hamsters, choose one that is made for mice as mice are quite small as well. Instead of a regular cage you could option for a tubular habitat which is made of colorful plastic and can be made into different formations. Again, if your pet store doesn’t have one for your mini version then opt for one that is designed for mice.


Once you have chosen their home, you need to purchase some type of substrate that will line the bottom of their home. A substrate is a material that allows the animal that inhabits it to use it for a number of things such as burrowing in, using it for bedding or to simply play in. The material you choose should be soft and dust free. The material should also be an absorbent to hold spilt water or other liquids such as urine. There are products available at your local pet store or you could use shredded paper or paper towels. The substrate should be cleaned at least once a week along with the cage and any of its contents. 


In regards to nesting, a tissue box or an actual nesting box purchased at the pet store is a good item to purchase for your mini hamster. This will give him a specific place to sleep or simply to hide in if they feel they need some down time. It will also be a good place for babies as well.


Each dwarf hamster has their own powerhouse inside of them. They are extremely active and have high metabolisms. A wheel (again think of mice) is perfect to help burn off excess energy that may exist. You might want to also invest in a ball that the hamster can roll freely around your home in. As part of the rodentia family, hamsters love to chew. Soft wooden toys are perfect to add to the cage. When choosing a toy, buy non-toxic items and items that if become broken won’t harm your hamster.


To keep their energy up, hamsters need fresh water and food. Fresh water should be supplied each day preferably in a water bottle which hangs on the inside of the cage. Food can be offered in a variety of flavors from special dwarf hamster food purchased at your local pet store or by providing seeds, dried fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables.


As mentioned earlier, cleaning the cage and its contents should be done weekly. Hot soapy water is a perfect cleaner as harsh chemicals can harm your dwarf hamster. Allow the cage to dry completely before adding any fresh substrate or other clean items back into the cage. By maintaining a clean and safe environment along with fresh water and food and of course an area to play and sleep you will have many fun filled days with your furry little pet.

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