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Dwarf Hamster Supplies You Need

Supplies are a requirement when getting a pet, regardless of what type you get. Supplies include anything that is needed to maintain the safety and health of your pet. Dwarf hamster supplies are no different. In fact, some supplies may be a little extra special due to their small size.

The Home

Of all the dwarf hamster supplies that you will need, the cage is definitely a very crucial unit that your small friend will need. Its home doesn’t have to be a metal cage (keep the wires as close as possible otherwise they could escape) as it could be an aquarium tank or even a plastic habitat. The plastic habitats are fun as they have a main living area and you can add additional rooms and/or tubes onto it to make it bigger. When deciding upon the appropriate home, it is also important to consider how many dwarf hamsters will be living in it so that everyone has their own space.

The Flooring

Although the dwarf hamster is much smaller than its cousins, it does need ample space to run and get quiet time if it needs it. Additional space will also be required if you intend to breed the hamsters. Also think about the floor of your hamster’s home. It needs to have some substrate that will protect its feet as well as provide a place to hide and also to nest in. You can buy a special dwarf hamster product or use shredded paper to line the bottom of the cage. Don’t use anything that could harm or that has a lot of dust particles which could cause allergies or problems with breathing. All hamsters love to dig and climb, so safety must always be at the top of the list when choosing dwarf hamster supplies.

A Litter Box?

An interesting fact is that you can train your dwarf hamster to use a litter box. This is very helpful in keeping their habitat clean. If this is something that you would like to do, then a litter box should also be on your dwarf hamster supplies list. The litter box is actually called a “hamster potty” and can be found at most pet stores. Use the material that comes with the potty or you could use hay or non-clumping cat litter. Anything else may cause respiratory or digestive (yes, they may eat it) problems.

Ah yes! The Toys

The most fun dwarf hamster supplies you need are the toys. Hamsters love to chew so when choosing toys, buy ones that are strong, sturdy, paint free and won’t choke your dwarf hamster if they manage to get the toy in their mouth. Both chew and play toys are available in a number of different colors, sizes and shapes. Provide one or two at a time so you won’t overload their fun senses.

Food and Water

As mentioned earlier, the cage is probably the most important supply you’ll need. However, food and water are also extremely important. To provide fresh food and water daily, the dwarf hamster supplies you will need to invest in are a durable food dish and water bottle. The food dish should be shallow enough so that your hamster will be able to reach the food. Don’t allow the food to stay all day in the cage if not eaten otherwise it could go bad and you don’t want to take the chance of your dwarf hamster getting sick. Invest in a water bottle that hangs on the side of the cage. It won’t take long for him to learn how to drink from it.

Having the right dwarf hamster supplies available when you first bring your new pet home certainly will save you time and frustration. However, you may want to invest in the basics at first and then work yourself up to other supplies that may be needed for the future. Dwarf hamsters are a lot of fun and they deserve to have the right home and other things they need.

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