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Hamster Bedding – Do They Need Pillows Too?

Do you really think that there is one creature that would prefer to sleep on the ground compared to something a little softer? I don’t think so either. Even little guys like hamsters need a comfy place to rest their heads. When choosing hamster bedding, it needs to be multi-functional and you can keep your pillow.

Regardless how big or small, everyone likes to have a little comfort when resting. When we think of comfort, we tend to think of something that is cushy and that you can snuggle in. In regards to hamsters, it needs to be a little more useful.

Options Not So Good

Wood Shavings are a popular choice for hamster bedding as it is readily available and is great at absorbing the smell of urine. Shavings have natural insecticidal properties that reduce bacteria, fleas and other parasites. On the other hand, due to the components of cedar wood shavings, it can cause allergic reactions which could lead to liver and respiratory problems. So, choose pine as it is the better alternative.

Saw dust provides a perfect cushion as hamster bedding. However, the small particles tend to fly around when it’s moved and stays awhile in the air. This can cause respiratory issues and allergic reactions. When small particles are in the air, the lungs can have difficulty dealing with them and sneezing and irritability are created.

Options That are Good

As with anything, there are advantages and disadvantages so when choosing the right hamster bedding, choose the one that suits your hamster’s needs the best.

Megazorb – Made from dried wood pulp, it has all of the advantages of wood shavings but without the side effects. Megazorb is soft and comfy and absorbs liquids well. It is also affordable and cost effective. Although not readily available in most pet stores, it can usually be found in larger grocery stores.

Carefresh – Similar to megazorb, carefresh is great for the dwarf hamsters as it is very soft. This product is not always available at your local pet store either so it’s best to keep a good supply of overstock on hand.

Finacard – A great product made from recycled cardboard, finacard can be considered a type of wood shaving (cardboard made from wood). Due to the number of processing steps that it must go through, the final product is very fine and soft which is ideal for hamster bedding and those who have allergies.

Aspen wood shavings – If wood shavings are your hamster’s favorite type of bedding, use aspen wood shavings. These types of shavings are better than cedar and pine as it doesn’t cause allergic reactions. They are also absorbent and manageable.

So what are the best for your individual hamster’s needs? It could be that you will try out a few and see what best suits his needs. Of course, you will ultimately decide which product will be used as hamster bedding but keeping your little furry friend’s health and comfort in mind is a good thing to do.

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