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Dwarf Hamster Breeders – What to Know

People become breeders of various species of animals for a number of reasons. One reason is that they enjoy a particular animal and are very knowledgeable of which makes the perfect combination to become a breeder. Dwarf hamster breeders are not as common as let’s say a dog breeder but they do exist and those of us who love dwarf hamsters are grateful for them.

Not just anyone can become a breeder. One must have a great deal of knowledge about the critter such as their history, their health, their physical and mental capabilities and how to properly breed them. A good breeder will have good morals and should have strong ethics. Good dwarf hamster breeders will now which are the best hamsters to pair together to get a new generation that is healthy and do not have any “faults”.

Types – Qualified dwarf hamster breeders will be able to tell the difference between dwarfs and syrians. This is important because they are two very different types of hamsters. The dwarfs are capable of living in groups while the individual syrians should be confined from others until they reach sexual maturity. Syrians tend to fight if they feel their space has been invaded and the males will fight the females.

Space – In addition, the breeder must provide sufficient amount of space even if temporary as they are very busy creatures. Once breeding begins, the space must be expanded to hold the bigger brew. Special spaces should be provided for the new mom and also spaces for the babies to quarantine them if needed. It is also important to know in regards to space and separating hamsters, that hamsters can be cannibals and eat their young. This is why dwarf hamster breeders must be knowledgeable about their pets to ensure their safety and health at all times.

Feeding – Breeding can cause a change in behavior especially with the mothers (before, during and after). Their hormones change and so does their appetite. Understanding these changes is another good characteristic of a good breeder. The breeder is able to provide the proper diet when the changes of a diet are needed.

Cleanliness – Ethical dwarf hamster breeders will ensure that their hamsters have safe and clean homes at all times, especially once the babies are born. Cleaning and maintenance of the hamster’s cages should be clean to reduce the chance of diseases and other illnesses. The higher the number of hamsters, the more time consuming this process will be.

Environment – The temperatures of the hamster’s environment cannot be too hot or too cold. Severe changes in the environment will affect the health of the hamsters. The cages should not be in the direct line of a draft. A fan can be used on the osculating option to circulate air but should not be allowed blow in one particular spot.

You can find dwarf hamster breeders by looking in your phone book or the local newspaper. You could even contact your local veterinarian. If you want to become a breeder you can contact a local association to find out what the requirements are for your area.

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