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Different Types of Hamster Wheels

If you were to watch hamsters in the wild, you will discover that they are excellent hunters at night. All of their senses work together in the dark to hunt for their next snack. Hamsters may run miles at a time searching for food. On the average, a hamster can run about 8 miles in one night! That is a very long way for an animal that may be only 7 – 8 inches in length. If you want to discuss a dwarf hamster, they are only about 3 – 4 inches in length. In spite of their small size, they are very energetic so providing a wheel for your hamster is an absolute must! There are different types of hamster wheels so you should choose the right one for you hamster’s needs.

What is it?

Since there are different types of hamster wheels, it is a good idea to have some knowledge about them before buying one. A wheel is basically two rings that are attached together by cross bars and then is held up by some form of support. Hamster wheels will vary in size so make sure that you get one that is appropriately matched to your hamster or dwarf hamster. If you are not sure, go with a bigger size just make sure that the rungs (the cross bars) are close enough together. The different types of hamster wheels will be made out of either metal or plastic.

There are pros and cons to getting metal or plastic. Metal should not be painted and if the hamster’s foot gets caught you may not be strong enough to bend the metal so that the foot or tail could be removed. Plastic is preferred however it can be chewed and resulting in a broken hamster wheel. Of the different types of hamster wheels to choose form, chose one that is sturdy and also stable when in motion.

A Necessity!

Getting a hamster wheel is a necessity when you first get your new furry pet. So you need to take this into mind when choosing on the size of the cage. The cage must be big enough to provide ample room for your hamster to run and play as well as have a place for food, water, a sleeping area and of course its wheel.

A hamster wheel isn’t meant to be used as a piece of weight loss equipment but to allow your hamster to release built up energy that he can’t get rid of. Remember, they can run for miles at night in the wild and are naturally very active so a wheel is the best addition to a hamster’s habitat. Also, for peace of mind, if you are going to keep the hamster in a bedroom or close to where someone sleeps, you want to make sure that the wheel won’t squeak. The different types of hamster wheels will include noiseless ones. So, if your hamster decides to be active at night, you don’t want your sleep disturbed by the annoying squeaky sounding wheel.

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